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About Us

Global United, LLP was founded in 2011 by William Brown in Charlotte, NC to provide security and technology consulting to American small businesses. In his early days, William studied computer science and had a strong career in the banking industry. In the early 2000’s, data security became a huge concern for online businesses and it was extremely common for Will to be approached by business owners for advice on security. Over time he realized that cyber security solutions for small businesses did not exist. William decided to leave his day job and start Global United. Since our founding Global United, LLP has become one of the largest security firms in the nation geared to helping small and medium sized businesses. Up until 2013, we focused on the software end of the spectrum, however vulnerabilities in everyday hardware became a huge concern for us. To combat this issue, we launched a technology consulting division to ensure the synchronization in security between hardware and software. We would love to partner with your businesses and make it more secure, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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We analyze each case individually and our team of consultants provides each company with a security policy that actually works.
At Global United, we feel that companies should not sacrifice convenience for security. What if something goes wrong?
We have a dedicated team available for you 24x7x365 waiting to answer your questions or solve the problem you are having.
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The Risk

Did you know that every 39 seconds, a server is successfully attacked by a hacker? Each of these data breaches can cost up to 150 million dollars in damage. Your business could be next!


The Protection

Hundreds of companies offer solutions to prevent these types of cyber attacks. However, almost all of them are targeted to large companies. These solutions are usually very expensive and require skilled personnel to maintain and operate.


We're Different

Global United, LLP focuses on the forgotten targets, small businesses. Did you know that 43% of all cyber attacks are targeted at small companies? We offer specialized solutions that are affordable and simple to implement. Only 14% of all small businesses feel confident with their current security, our goal is to change that.


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Technology Consulting

In addition to providing the strongest policies of security to small businesses. We offer technology consulting. When determining a security plan, many people overlook securing the hardware. Many devices such as printers and scanner usually connect directly to your company’s infrastructure. If your printer firmware is outdated and is susceptible to malware, hackers can infect the entire network just through an old printer that you barely use.

Global United will analyze your current environment and provide you with the most secure and efficient options for your business. In order to take advantage of the technology consulting, you must be a data security partner. Contact us to learn more.

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